Schnorr Disc Springs

Disc Spring Engineering
Maximum load - minimum space - maximum flexibility

the schnorr production programme

In addition to springs as per the dimensions contained in DIN 2093, we can supply many more spring sizes which also apply the quality regulations of DIN 2093. These also include the springs of the “Z” series with dimensions in inches and the “K” series intended for the special purpose of preloading ball bearings. The technical data for all these springs of standard spring steel can be found in the tables in chapter 9. 

Besides these, we can also supply many disc springs in special sizes from 3.0mm to 1000.0mm in diameter and up to a thickness of 80.0 of spring steel and all technically possible special materials. Such springs offer the advantage of being optically adapted to the respective requirements.

We recommend you contact our Technical engineers in the design stage, when we will gladly offer our knowledge, experience and resource in the calculation and design of disc springs.

From section ‘FEATURES OF THE DISC SPRING’ it can also be seen that the characteristics of the disc spring are also excellently suited for locking screw. The Serrated Safety Washer has been developed for this purpose.