Schnorr Disc Springs

Disc Spring Engineering
Maximum load - minimum space - maximum flexibility

standard materials

C 60S

Both types are quality steels as per DIN EN 10132-4. We use them for our original Schnorr Serrated Safety Washers and Load Washers as per DIN 6796 where the loading is only static.

C 67S and C 75S

These high grade steels as per DIN EN 10132-4 are used for cold formed springs to group 1. For lightly loaded springs, for example our ‘K’ springs for preloading ball bearings, these materials can be processed in the spring-hard condition.

51 CrV 4 (1.8159)

This is a chrome vanadium refined alloy steel of the highest quality. It is available in cold rolled form as per DIN EN 10132-4, hot rolled and forgings as per DIN 17221 for the manufacture of disc springs. It has very good through-hardening capability and is therefore suitable for making springs up to 50mm thick. The relaxation is less than for non-alloyed steel, which allows use up to 250oC (with a suitable reduction in load).