FEY Labyrinth Sealing Rings

Protect components in dirty and abrasive environments up to 700oC

Labyrinth Sealing Rings

Fey labyrinth sealing rings are used as sealing elements for both rotating and static applications. Fey sealing rings utilise a low contact multiple labyrinth with very little gap width This special design produces little friction reducing internal heat and wear as well as providing outstanding sealing characteristics. These features make them ideal for high speed applications as well as temperature and/or friction sensitive installations.

Fey labyrinth sealing rings are especially effective for hot environments for sealing grease and for the exclusion of dust, dirt and fluids in roller and plain bearing assemblies. Available in sizes from 15mm to 1300mm the standard spring steel is suitable for temperature up to 300°C.

Also manufactured in nickel-chrome steel for temperatures up to 720°C, Fey labyrinth sealing rings are being increasingly specified in the automotive engine industry for sealing valves or axial compensators on exhaust gas pipes, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and turbochargers in stationary and mobile diesel engines.

Special sizes can be produced in small batches inexpensively.

Fey holds ISO9001, 14001 & TS16949 approvals.


Fey can provides both single and double wound laminar retaining rings for a variety of uses where parts need to be fixed axially.

There are several advantages to using laminar retaining rings. The roundness of the ring over 360° ensures strong contact with the groove bottom and continuous support around the circumference. This allows for the ring to remain reliably retained in the groove, even under high axial load. The ring remains well balanced during rotation and is absolutely free from material defects. 

So if a part needs to be retained axially, then the retaining ring is right for your application.Various applications include transmission on agricultural and construction equipment, shipbuilding, aerospace and automotive applications. They are also used for winches, pulley, roller bearings and vertical drive shafts.

Plastic Ring Carrier Seals

Ring carrier seals are moulded plastic components matched with a Fey labyrinth sealing ring solution. They are used as spacers and seals for grease lubricated bearings. They can be equipped with an additional sealing lip for applications where high levels of splash water is encountered.

Piston Rings

These rings are used in conjunction with cast iron piston rings in both rebult and new engines. Cast iron piston rings are not required for hydraulic and pneumatic pistons or shock absorbers. They are also used for freedom and drop forging machine and presses.