FEY Labyrinth Sealing Rings

Protect components in dirty and abrasive environments up to 700oC

laminar retaining rings

FEY provides both single and double wound retaining rings for a variety of uses where parts need to be fixed axially. This includes construction, agricultural machinery, mechanical engineering, automotive and aerospace applications. There are several advantages to using FEY Laminar retaining rings. The roundness of the ring over 360° ensures strong contact with the groove bottom and continuous support around the circumference. This allows for the ring to remain reliably retained in the groove, even under high axial load. The ring remains well balanced during rotation and is absolutely free from material defects.

Internal Rings for Bores

Internal retaining rings are used where axial fixing is required in a housing bore. FEY offers type ESB (singe wound) and DSB (double wound) retaining rings.


ESB Dimensions/ESB Application
DSB Dimensions/DSB Application

External Rings for Shafts

External retaining rings are used where axial fixing is required on a shaft or housing outside diameter. FEY offers type ESW (single wound) or DSW (double wound) rings.


ESW Dimensions/ESW Application
DSW Dimensions/DSW Application

Special Purpose Rings

FEY offers special purpose rings like style DMS (double wound) with its locking feature designed to resist higher centrifugal forces from shaft speeds that are beyond the range of standard rings. Additional styles are available for high thrust loading and precision component locating.


DMS Dimensions/DMS Application