FEY Labyrinth Sealing Rings

Protect components in dirty and abrasive environments up to 700oC

fk7 DMS double wound laminar retaining rings for shafts

Application "FK7 DMS" Double retaining ring shaft with centrifugal force protection

"FK7 DMS" double laminar retaining rings with centrifugal force protection can be used for rotational speeds that cannot be achieved by "FK7 DSW" retaining rings.

Diameter range for DMS rings: Ø 45 mm to Ø 310 mm.

Permissible circumferential speed (in m/s)         Axial and/or radial play   FK7 DMS ring

Axial Stress

Shearing tests under operating conditions must be performed to determine the axial shearing capacity of the retaining rings. The secure position of the retaining rings in the groove cannot be guaranteed if the surrounding components thrust uncontrollable against the laminar rings during operation (coupling effect) or if the components vibrate extremely. 

Ordering Information

The ring diameter information must match bore dimensions ‘D1’ for all enquiries and/or orders.

Run and Installation Tests

Run and installation tests under operating conditions must be performed in each case before standard production of FEY laminar rings can begin to determine whether the desired sealing effects can be achieved.

Installation / Ring Materials / Dimension Table