Schnorr Load Washers

Have been specially developed for high strength bolts of grades 8.8 to 12.9.

schnorr load washers

The term ‘load washer’ is used to describe a spring element in the form of a disc spring which achieves its locking effect solely by means of the frictional connection. These are intended to compensate for loosening of the screwed connection e.g. due to setting, by maintaining a sufficiently high pretension in the connection with spring force. They are therefore especially suitable for primarily axially loaded, short bolts. They provide no effective security against unscrewing due to alternating lateral loading.

Schnorr load washers offer the following advantages: 

  • High axial load
  • Optimum compensation for setting in the joint
  • Reduction of the dynamic loading of the bolt due to higher elasticity of the joint
  • Uniform concentric loading eliminates bending in the bolt
  • Greater safety with high degree of spring action
  • Suitable for captive fitting on a wide range of bolts (combi bolts)

Heavy Duty Load Washers (HDS)

Manufactured to DIN 6796 these load washers have been specially developed for high strength bolts of grades 8.8 to 12.9. They are available for bolt sizes M2 to M30. 

High Stress Load Washers (HS)

These load washers have a smaller outer diameter than the heavy duty load washers (DIN 6796). A notable feature of these washers is the slightly curved form which provides a progressively increasing characteristic curve. Despite the smaller outside diameter dimensions this makes is possible to achieve the same load as the heavy duty load washers. These washers are primarily used when the space available is insufficient for standard load washers. They are available for bolt sizes M6 to M30.

Schnorr holds ISO9001 and TS16949 approvals.