Fuji Bearing Lock Nuts

eliminate keyways and tab washers

Fuji bearing locknuts

The Fuji Fine-U-Nut was developed to simplify the assembly and reduce costs involved in securing ball bearings.

The manufacturer has more than 30 years experience in locknut technology and their factory is ISO 9001 approved.

Construction & Function

The Fuji Bearing Locknut is a one piece item where the locking function is performed by a spring peened into the top of the nut. In use the spring bears on the flank of the shaft thread with force (P) generating reaction force (P’) in the screw threads with a resulting high friction torque (prevailing torque). The nut therefore remains locked in position. 



Fuji Bearing Locknuts are manufactured in carbon, high carbon and stainless steel and are a stock item at IEC in sizes from M10 to M100.


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