IEC raised £570 to help clean the ocean, one pound at a time

05 March 2018

IEC raised £570 to help clean the ocean, one pound at a time

The team at IEC at very passionate about the Ocean especially as we live by the sea.  We are doing our own bit on 16 June by doing a local 4Ocean clean.

4Ocean is now a global movement that allows anyone from anywhere to join the team and help in ocean trash removal efforts worldwide. With overwhelming response from their supporters, they were able to successfully remove more than 250,000 pounds of trash from the ocean and coastlines in their first year alone.

This was only made possible by the continual purchase of their Original - Signature Blue 4Ocean Bracelets. They now have seven full-time sea captains working seven days a week - all year long. In 2017 they led beach and underwater clean-ups in 16 different countries all over the world and continued their mission to clean the world’s oceans and build a more sustainable future.

Their goal for 2018 is to remove one million pounds of trash from our ocean and coastlines.

Here at IEC we have managed to raise £570 to purchase 38 bracelets. 

If you could like to help with this worthy cause you can do so by purchasing your own bracelets.  Please visit their website at for details.