IEC help Unique Charity

10 July 2015

IEC help Unique Charity

The garden celebrates the charity ‘Unique’ and the work it does to raise awareness of rare chromosome disorders and the lifelong disabilities and medical conditions these disorders can cause.

The genetic anomalies that cause such disorders have informed the garden’s design. The inspiration for the garden is drawn from a DNA strand, a stylised version of which is also the charity’s logo. This is represented by a winding path, cut across by paving and hedging indicating the duplications and deletions of genes that cause rare chromosome disorders. The gravel pathways embody the rough journeys made by children and families affected.

The meeting place in the centre of the garden provides a peaceful environment. Curved benches sheltered by delicate trees represent the comfort and support of a shared experience and the charity’s work in bringing families together. A mix of grasses with annual and perennial flowering plants in the charity’s colours (blue, yellow and white) create a light, uplifting feel which echoes the positive influence the charity has on families’ lives.

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