Advanced bar springs from IEC

30 July 2013

Advanced bar springs from IEC

Working with partners Schnorr, spring and bearing specialists IEC have released advanced bar springs made from chrome vanadium steel alloy which give unrivalled uniformity of deflection across force ranges up to 70,000 kN. The springs offer advantages over alternative solutions in terms of dimensions, durability and ease of assembly.

The bar springs have been developed predominantly for clients working in semi-conductor and high-voltage environments who need to maintain a high clamping force across a range of temperatures. They will be of particular value to engineers working with high-power rectifiers and transformers as well as anybody operating in a cramped environment since there are space savings over disc springs.

A semi conductor will use a bar spring as it offers a simple solution to providing clamping force since they can lie through the centre of cooling fins and, unlike disc springs, do not require additional machining of a pocket. The springs accommodate single or dual-point force centres and have a zinc laminar finish which improves corrosion resistance. Use of 51CrV4-grade alloy ensures reliable performance in applications where typical currents of 4,000 amps can raise temperatures rapidly.

Peter Keen, Engineering Division Sales Manager at IEC, said: “The bar springs are allowing us to impart exceptionally high forces in a small envelope, and the fact that the product is a single component reduces costs and simplifies installation. IEC are Schnorr’s sole UK agent for the springs. We developed the product jointly with Schnorr as our customers were dissatisfied with consistency of performance from rival units. The deflection performance of these springs means that their application potential is very wide. Factory procedures meet TS 16949 so quality is assured".